Lake Toba

We must say that we actually didn’t do a lot at lake Toba. We ate a lot of the awesome, healthy and super fresh food, tried to learn something of the local Batak culture and took in the mesmerizing views (without hiking 🙂 ).

The road from Bukit lawang to Lake Toba is long, though. We left early and arrived late, but it wasn’t all too bad. In the end we took a ferry which had a very cosy lighting and atmosphere to Tuk Tuk on Samosir island. We stayed in a traditional Batak house, ate something and relaxed. No tour was waiting and we had four days of doing nothing ahead of us, awesome. The next day we drove around on a scooter, our favorite activity in quiet towns like this one. The views where awesome, the lake in itself is actually a very old volcano crater. The supervolcanic eruption of this volcano 75000 years ago caused a global climate change.

On the way to lake Toba
Ferry nice moments

The next day we agreed to join a tour with the Irish girls we met in Bukit lawang. The tour wasn’t worth it’s money, we could’ve done it ourselves with a scooter, nicer and more fun. We went to a ‘hot spring’, let’s just say they could’ve done better things with the place. We also visited a local Batak dance, which was nice. Then we saw some local ‘history’ and in the end a – I must say –  absolutely stunning viewpoint. The driver didn’t know anything besides the roads he had to drive. We expected at least that he had some knowledge about the local culture and traditions.

Stunning scenery at Samosir Island
Batak people + super tourists

The next day we did nothing but eat and arrange a cooking class for the next day. We learned to cook a traditional dish and had a candlelight dinner because the electricity was down because of a lightning  strike 🙂 The husband of the lady that showed us how to cook Batak food took his guitar and played some beautiful covers for us while sharing glasses of palm wine, the palm wine was disgusting but the songs o so sweet 😉

After lake Toba we had the feeling that Sumatra couldn’t get any better, luckily the next stop proved us wrong… The banyak islands where waiting so we arranged our transport and moved on!



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