Palawan… The last stop(s) – Port Barton

We were happy to leave El Nido town and jumped in to a van that would take us to Port Barton (straight, the tout promised…). So off course we were dropped of at a junction where we were ALMOST in Port Barton. We took a tricycle for the last part from our route on a bad but very beautiful road.


What a relief to arrive in PB after the hustle and bustle of El Nido, the relaxed mood was immediately to our liking and the bay was absolutely Beeeee-autiful! In other words, Prot Barton was exactly what we needed.


Port Barton Beach
Beach + Beauty


We decided immediately that there wouldn’t be anymore island hopping for us so we actually didn’t do a lot the first day 😉 The second day we walked (solid ground, still our most favorable place to be!) to white beach. A beautiful stretch of sand as part of a small resort. You can walk in as a visitor for a small fee. Seaside hammocks, coconut trees to provide some shade from the burning sun. What can I say about that afternoon? Welllll, we did absolutely nothing again 🙂


White beach chilaxin’
White beach chillaxin’ 2


While being in town we heard some rumors about a new bar in direction of white beach with the promising name ‘Jungle bar’. Glad the rumors where true, after walking up by myself to make sure there was a bar and then picking up my princess that didn’t want to walk if we weren’t sure there was a bar, we arrived at the bar. Amazed by the friendliness of the owners, the beauty of the bar and the location we sat down, ordered a ‘well deserved’ beer and talked with some other travelers… A very good recipe for our last night in the Philippines… Mixed feelings about leaving but we were looking forward to go to Malaysian Borneo and it’s wildlife.


The road to jungle bar
Jungle bar




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