Siquijor, a small island in the Visayas was advised to us by a lot of people in Moalboal, so this would be our next stop. We discovered that the popular places on the island where all fully booked so we were forced to take a lesser option. We booked a private room in Das Traum guesthouse, which we now call ‘Das Trauma’… That night we also ate the worst food we had in the Philippines. In all it wasn’t love at first sight to say the least. Luckily love can be found over time as well, as we found out the next days…

Ferry to Dumaguete. After this one, we had to take another one to Siquijor

We booked a scooter for 2 days, we never drove a scooter for longer then 5 minutes before, but who cares? At least not the guy from the scooter rental :-). So we started off in the streets close to our guesthouse to practice a bit. After 200 meters we decided practice was over and we went off to get some so called ‘bread’, super sweet pastries, our dentist wouldn’t be happy with our choices, but our budget was. While getting some gas we met another Belgian couple that advised us to go to ‘Paliton Beach’ and ‘Ur story’, a resort where you could eat and drink in a very nice setting. Golden tips apparently. Since we didn’t eat very good the last night we were already saying that we would threat ourselves for something good that evening, and Oh Yeah, we did!

Took 5 months to make it that beautiful (Paliton)

First we went off to Paliton beach (only one real road on Siquijor, so this was easy to find). Arriving there we sighed and said ‘Finally’, a picture perfect beach was presented to us and we immediately got offered some drinks and snorkels, which we accepted with pleasure.

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After Paliton beach we drove further in direction of San Juan. We wanted to check out ‘JJ’s backpackers village’, our first choice when it came to lodging (except for a nice resort off course 😉 ). It was really nice indeed, a nice menu was presented to us and a seat at the beach was offered. Perfect. Now you start to understand what we mean with the fact that love can be found over time…

JJ’s backpackers village, the beach

What’s left? Ah yes, ‘Ur Story’… We arrived there after a short ride from JJ’s. When we walked in we where left speechless… It looked like we stepped into a movie, beach lounges were waiting in an absolutely stunning setting. After ordering our best cocktails we had thus far and taking in the most beautiful sunset we’ve seen thus far we had the best dinner of our trip thus far. A perfect evening that ended with a nice ride in the dark to what can I say, the worst place we stayed in so far ;-).

Says it all… Ur story

The next day we planned to do a full tour around the island. We visited some ‘must – sees’ like the balete tree, an enormous tree with a free ‘fish spa’ at the bottom of the tree. The ride itself was quite long , but as beautiful as it gets… Ok, we ended up at Ur story again to see the sunset again :-D.

Trees in Lazi


It can get busy in Siquijor when it comes to lodging. So book something upfront if you can.

Das Traum(a): We were not happy with our room. It was outdated and so on, not going to complain too much since we didn’t see the other rooms. The building and the gardens have huge potential, hopefully someone does something with it in the future. It was cheap, 420 php per room/pn.

JJ’s Backpackers villageLooked very nice, a reservation is necessary. Food is good, thats for sure!

Getting there and away:

We came in from Moalboal. First we took a bus to Liloan, from where we took a ferry to Dumaguete. In Dumaguete you take a jeepney or tricycle to the other port from where you can take a ferry to Siquijor.

Some tips about this transfer:

  • Don’t take a tricycle in the port of Dumaguete but take a jeepney outside of the harbou.  It saves you a lot of money! They will try to reel you in for a ride, just ignore the first wave…
  • Take earplugs with you for the ferry…


U StorySo good but also expensive compared to other places, not sooo expensive as you would expect when you walk in there for the first time. We payed 550 php for a seafood platter.

JJ’s Backpackers village:  Ate lunch sandwiches there on homemade bread. Setting and food where very nice.

Fuego Cantina and grill: Very nice waiters and good food. Had some pork with mushroom sauce and it was delicious!

Other info:

Motorcycle rental: Plenty of shops rent out bikes all over Siquijor, normal rate is 300 php/day.



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