Amazing Batad

After our first introduction to the rice terraces we would spent 2 days in Batad, Jessie was waiting for us at the hostel and brought our stuff to Randy’s place.

After a bumpy, sometimes very steep and beautiful tricycle ride to the end of the road to Batad (they are still building it) we had to walk for another 20 minutes to Rita’s place. Randy arranged everything for the booking.

On the road to Batad

Let’s say it, Batad is very impressive. Actually, we where blown away when we first saw ‘the amphitheatre’. After catching our breath we walked off to the Tapia falls, a beautiful hike through the rice fields (luckily they where already planting the rice) and into the valley of the river. It is not a walk in the park though, the stairs leading down to the waterfall are very steep. We saw a lot of people suffering there! But it is worth it, the waterfall is nice and you can take a refreshing swim there, not underneath the falls though, it already claimed several lives according to the lonely planet.

After getting back up to Rita’s place a well deserved beer was waiting, we ate something and went to bed early, the first hikes where leaving their marks!

The second day we walked a part of the road to Bangaan, a very quiet and again beautiful hike. Wished we could’ve continued it, but our tricycle was waiting in Batad!

Hike to Bangaan




A lot of places to stay, try to book it upfront but it is not easy since there is hardly reception or internet.

Rita’s: Good but basic, very friendly people (500 php per room/pn)

Getting there:

Jeepney’s or tricycle (1000 php). Ask locals for current info.


The food is about the same in all the places (lots of egggsss), the best I ate is ‘shakshuka’ at Simon’s.



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