Genesis, the start of it all

Leaving… A strange moment and a mixture of emotions pass by the last days before actually heading towards the airport. Saying goodbye to family and friends, moving the last things out of your apartment, packing your bags,… All add up to that strange moment that you are actually walking towards your gate and it finally starts. Mixed feelings wash over you, on the one hand you will miss your family and friends, on the other you feel relieved that months of planning (and some stress) finally come together. Ready? Set. GO.

We started our journey from Brussels airport, we booked a flight with Singapore airlines for around € 450 that would take us via Amsterdam and Singapore to Manila (in total about 24 hours) . It was snowing in Brussels so after a short delay due to the de-icing procedure we where off for the short flight to Amsterdam.

Snow in Brussels

Our luggage would be transferred automatically, although we were confident in the airlines, we were still very happy to see our bags on the conveyor in Manila! We protected our bags with a cover, Dorien’s cover was bought, my cover was home made by my mom 🙂 This to ensure that nothing would be torn off when being transported through the ‘caves’ of the different airports. We would also use it on bus rides etc.

Our second flight to Singapore was the longest (12 hours). We immediately received hot towels and this was the first prove off the very good service on this flight. The inflight entertainment system was super modern and had an up to date selection of movies and series. About the sleep I had, I watched serie 6 of game of thrones fully… ’nuff said I guess 😉 Dorien got some more sleep but we where both very tired upon arrival in Singapore.

Brussels airport

A 2 hour stopover in a very big airport followed, not very interesting besides the fact that there were free leg massage machines everywhere!

On the last flight sleep finally caught up on us and we both slept for almost the entire flight. Only the smell of food woke me up. And then… we finally arrived in Manila, after getting through border control very smoothly with our pre acquired visa, we got our bags and went out to search for a taxi.

The website of the hostel said we should go to the grab counter. But since nobody was there and after realizing that Grab is actually the Asian Uber (also used a lot) I downloaded the app and searched for a taxi. We payed 250 php (€ 5) to get to the Z hostel, a more expensive but proper hostel in Makati. Apparently there are some cheaper hostels nearby (junction-, boutique-, lokal hostel) but actually we where very happy with the good accomodations of Z hostel after the long trip. We almost immediately fell asleep on the in hindsight very good matresses compared to future locations.

Btw, first impression of Manila:big, noisy, smelly and extremely busy.

Finally… Ladies and gentlemen, DnD has arrived on their destination.



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