Hello all,

welcome to ‘quit your job and go’. Hopefully you’ll like what we write here about our impressions we get from our current trip to SE Asia. It is not our first trip abroad but it is definitely the most impulsive one… let us get more into detail about the impulsive part, since this needs some explanation to understand future posts.

Around June 2016 our conscious selves decided we would do another trip. Following upon what our subconsciousness already told us for a while we decided we would do it properly, so a 2 week trip to a European country wouldn’t suffice. We would quit our job and go, a plan that is talked about often by a lot of people, but seldom put into practice…

After getting this message through to our current employers (both times handled very well, more of a ‘see you later’ then a ‘goodbye’) and getting married (awesomeness) we where really ready to start planning by the half of November. Quite quickly we decided that the Philippines would be our first destination and since we needed a flight out of there for our visa Malaysia (Borneo) would follow after this.

D-day: 14th of January 2017, flight to Manila (Brussels – Amsterdam – Singapore – Manila).


This was a short intro to what the plan was and is, enjoy reading the rest!



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